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Outdoor Palms

Cycad Sago Palm

Cycad Sago Palm

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Pot sizes:
200mm :  $25.00
200 lt :  $550.00
Botanical name: Cycas revoluta
Drought tolerance: 4.5
Growing height: 6m
Origin: Japan
Position/Light: Part shade to full sun
Soil conditions: Well drained. Tolerates most soil types
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The best known and most popular cycad in the world, the Cycad Sago Palm is a species of gymnosperm in the family Cycadaceae and is not closely related to true palms. Very slow growing (2-5cm per year), the trunks of older specimens can grow up to 6 metres high and 20cm in diameter. The leaves are feather-like and can grow up to 90cm long. Like many cycads, the Cycad Sago Palm is very hardy, tolerates dry periods and light frosts. Fertilise every 6 months.Warning: seeds from the Cycad Sago Palm are very poisonous to dogs and children.

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