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Agave Attenuata
Agave Attenuata

Agave Attenuata

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Pot sizes:
110 lt :  $85.00
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Botanical name: Agave Attenuata
Growing height: Up to 1.5m
Origin: Mexico
Position/Light: Part shade to full sun
Soil conditions: Well drained. Requires protection from heavy frost
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Agave attenuata are in the family of Agavaceae. They are also referred to as the "lion's tail", "swan's neck", or "foxtail" and are well known for their large and bold structures. Agave attenuata is popular as an ornamental plant in gardens, due to their beautiful foliage and spectacular very tall flowers, and their ability to go months without water.

Native to Mexico, this beautiful species will grow up to 1.5M and it's broad, grey/green leaves grow to about 50-70cm long. Plant in a terracotta pot with well drained soil, place in a sunny position and this plant will last for years.

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