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  This medium to large ever green tree is well regarded for its range of uses and range of adaption. Everything from being a feature tree to screening plant is possible with the ficus Hili..
Jack Harre
Leucadendron Jack Harre is a small evergreen shrub compact growing to 1.5 mtr with nice star-like flowers of yellow/red bracts, flowering late winter to early spring. Jack Harre performs its be..
Viburnum tinus (Laurustinus, Laurustinus Viburnum, or Laurestine) is a species of flowering evergreen shrub from the family Adoxaceae. Laurustinus is a rounded plant with dark green glossy leav..
Midas Touch
Midas Touch is from the leucadendron species and is known as a very disease resistant bush with grows up to 1.5M tall.  The midas touch flowers freely throughout the year. Leucadendron 'Mi..
Orange Jessamine
Oriental Blush
Leucadendron salignum is the most widespread species of the leucadendron family. The Oriental Blush is a great plant for the garden and for flower arrangements. This shrub has green leaves and ..
Pittosporum James Stirling
Pittosporum James Stirling is a fantastic looking shrub that originates in New Zealand. This evergreen pittosporum makes an excellent screening, topiary and hedging plant. Pittosporum tenuifoli..
Pittosporum Screenmaster
Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Screenmaster' is a hardy large evergreen shrub ideal for hedging. The screenmaster is quick growing with small and dense foliage making it one of the better varieties of Pi..
Pittosporum Silver Sheen
The pittosporum silver sheen is a hardy evergreen shrub that is tolerant of less than ideal conditions. Ideal for hedging or creating a wind or privacy screen, the Tenuifolium 'Silver Sheen' is..
  Leucadendron 'Rosalie' is a shrub that grows to 1.5M wide by 1.5M tall. Rosalie has vibrant red rosettes that flourish from summer to autumn and is frost, drought and low maintenance tol..
Rose Glow
Popular in flower arrangements, the leucadendron 'Rose Glow' is sought as a centrepiece flower.  The 'Rose Glow' is a variety of the Leucadendron family and the flowers flourish from summe..