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Bat Plant (Black)
One of the eeriest and most spectacular plants available, the Black Bat Plant has black flowers standing on a 40cm stem that have long 'whiskers' that are 30+cm across, and ‘wings’ that are 25c..
Cascade Palm
A small, attractive, trunkless, clumping palm, growing to about 1.5m with glossy, dark green leaves, and long thin leaflets. It will eventually form quite a large dense, clump given time when grown ..
Fishtail Palm
Looking at this palm's distinctive shaped leaf it's easy to see where the Fishtail Palm got its name! This is an easy to grow, fast-growing, clustering palm that tolerates light frost. Fertilise once ..
Flame Thrower Palm
Arguably one of the most beautiful palms in the world, the Flame Thrower Palm is a one-of a-kind rare species. It is a large and robust palm with deep green, feather-like leaves. The Flame Thrower Pal..
Foxtail Palm
Identified as recently as 1978, the Foxtail Palm is now known as one of the world's most popular palms. The Foxtail Palm's trunk is smooth, thin and grey and can grow up to 10m high. Its attractive le..
Golden Cane Palm
The Golden Cane Palm is a clustering palm with up to 12 golden coloured trunks curving from the base. It is grown for its bright green dense foliage. The Golden Cane Palm is an attractive and easy to ..
Kentia Palm
A slow-growing palm, this is an elegant medium-sized palm and may be grown indoors as well as outdoors, requiring little light or attention.It makes an ideal addition to any entertainment are or al fr..
Lady Finger Palm
A clumping dwarf fan palm, the Lady Finger Palm may be grown indoors as well as outdoors.This is a slow-growing but easy to grow palm that adapts well to most soil types, preferring well drained soil ..
Majestic Palm
The Majestic Palm is a fast-growing and very elegant palm with a large and untidy crown. This palm requires little attention, apart from regular application of fertiliser to maintain its nutritional h..
Parlour Palm
Although it prefers medium-high humidity and bright indirect light, the Parlour Palm also tolerates low levels of humidity and light so will grow well indoors where it will receive morning light as we..
Prayer Plant