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Aussie Select Lilly Pilly
The Aussie Select Lilly Pilly is a great all-rounder plant. When pruned correctly, the Aussie Select Lilly Pilly makes a great screening plant that can block out your neighbours quite effective..
Backyard Bliss Lilly Pilly
AJ Flynn is one of Melbourne's largest and cheapest wholesalers of the evergreen and fast-growing Backyard Bliss Lilly Pilly.  Known for its rapid growth, and for having less fruit than many o..
Hinterland Gold Lilly Pilly
Syzygium australe 'Hinterland Gold', known as a Hinterland Gold Lilly Pilly is a relatively dwarf variety of the standard Lilly Pilli growing from 3-5 meters tall. The Hinterland Gold makes a great..
Viburnum tinus (Laurustinus, Laurustinus Viburnum, or Laurestine) is a species of flowering evergreen shrub from the family Adoxaceae. Laurustinus is a rounded plant with dark green glossy leav..
Lilly Pilly Compact
Syzygium Aussie Compact, known as Lilly Pilly Aussie Compact is a flowering evergreen plant. The foliage is compact and the colour ranges from green to green/bronze. The lilly pilly compact is ..
Lilly Pilly Red Tips
Acmena smithii 'Red Tip' is a relatively new variety of Lillypilly that has some similarities to A.smithii 'Minor'.  With its fantastic burgundy new growth it makes a great screening or hedgin..