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Grass Trees

This iconic Australian plant, that while slow growing, can live for up to 600 years. Taking approximately 20 years to start showing trunk, they tend to only grow 1-2cm per year in the wild, though it can be much quicker in good rich soil. Native to most parts of Australia they are also regarded as being frost hardy.

Care for these plants is as simple as proper preparation, and not over watering. Poor drainage, and the resultant over watering, are the main culprits when it comes to problems with grass trees in the home garden. Another common cause of problems is leaf litter from surrounding trees collecting in the crown of the Grass tree. This can lead to the top of the grass tree rotting and allowing the ingress of Bora wasp, or in severe cases, the rot spreading through the whole plant.

Plants should be treated with confidor in early spring and in late summer.

Requiring virtually no maintenance, grass tree’s make the perfect addition to any drought hardy garden, growing happily alongside many other native plants and providing year round foliage. Looking especially good when planted in groups of 3 with differing sizes and using coloured mulches, these very ancient and architectural plants are also well suited to large planter boxes.

Here at AJ Flynn we stock a range of grass trees that vary in height from 10cm to 2.5 meters with a mixture of seed grown plants and those harvested under licence from private properties.

At AJ Flynn we mainly stock xanthorrhoea Johnsonii and xanthorrhoea Glauca, with some other varieties available seasonally

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