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Bangalow Palm
A cold hardy native palm that while preferring free draining well watered soil, also grows well in wet heavy soils in which it requires little additional watering. Over time the Bangalow palm will ..
Cabbage Tree Palm
A member of the Arecaceae family, the Cabbage Tree Palm grows to about 30m in height and 35cm in diameter. Its leaves are fan-like and in summer bears sprigs of cream-white flowers. This palm is reno..
Canary Island Date Palm
Slow growing and needing very little attention, the Canary Island Date Palm is one of the easiest palms to grow. If growing in tubs/pots, repot every spring and again in late summer if necessary. Fert..
Chilean Wine Palm
Wanna talk tough palms? Talk about this one! Easily one of the hardiest palms is the Chilean Wine Palm, while slow growing, it is highly suited to Melbourne's low humidity and almost Mediterranean cli..
Chinese Fan Palm
A very hardy palm that is suitable to the varying conditions of Melbourne, the Chinese Fan Palm is a highly suitable palm, both in the garden and indoors. Outdoors it's a hardy plant that with a m..
Chinese Windmill Palm
The Chinese Windmill Palm's greatest claim to fame is its cold tolerance, growing as far south as Hobart and often seen covered in snow. It can also handle all the summer Melbourne has to offer with ..
Cocos Palm Series
Popular as an ornamental tree, the Cocos Palm is easy to grow and is attractive in groupings and as a background tree. Fertilise at least 3 times a year with a slow-release fertiliser. Its fruits a..
Cotton Palm
The trunk of the Cotton Palm is 25-30cm in diameter and bulges at the ground, becoming more slender toward the crown of foliage. Planted at equal intervals as street/grove plantings or in formal group..
Cycad Sago Palm
The best known and most popular cycad in the world, the Cycad Sago Palm is a species of gymnosperm in the family Cycadaceae and is not closely related to true palms. Very slow growing (2-5cm per year)..
Dwarf Date Palm
A small to medium-sized palm, the Dwarf Date Palm is a slow-growing slender tree with leaves 60 to 120cm in length. This palm is versatile and may be kept outdoor or indoor in pots as well as a plante..
European Fan Palm
Occasionally single-trunked, the European Fan Palm usually grows in clusters. Slowing growing, it reaches 2-5m tall with a 20-25cm trunk diameter. The European Fan Palm is easy to care for and if not ..
Ponytail Palm
Not a true palm, but a member of the Lilaceae family, the Ponytail Palm is hardy and easy to maintain and keep healthy. It is slow growing and takes many years for a Ponytail Palm to reach its maximum..