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Leucadendrons & Proteas

Leucadendrons and Proteas are that tough; we consider them honorary native plants. Like a lot of plants from the African continent, they grow so well in Australia they may as well be natives.

With a variety of growing heights from 20cm, to 12 metres there is one to suit most sites. Leucadendrons typically only grow to 1-1.5 metres tall and proteas usually growing to 2+ metres. Flowering most of the year, and very much maintenance free other than annual pruning, they provide a nearly year round show and a steady supply of cut flowers.

Although preferring a sunny spot with well drained soil, they tolerate a wide variety of conditions with appropriate moisture control. These hardy plants are very frost hardy and extremely drought tolerant once established.

Fertilise annually as the weather warms with a native fertiliser, and prune by 30% at the same time. Keep well watered after feeding to encourage new growth and an abundance of flowers.

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