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Aussie Classics

Black Mulberry

Black Mulberry

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7 lt :  $22.00
Botanical name: Morus nigra
Drought tolerance: N/A
Growing height: 6+ metres
Origin: Middle East/Asia
Position/Light: Full sun
Soil conditions: Tolerates most soil types
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A deciduous tree producing thick new foliage followed by flowers in the early spring. The fruit ages from a red to black, this is when you pick it as it only ripens on the tree. The fruit is ideal for eating fresh, preserving or cooking in pies and desserts.

Well suited to north-facing front yards, this large plant will shade your house during summer, put on a show of yellow in autumn, and allow light and warmth in during winter as well as providing delicious fruit through the warmer months.

This plant is also well suited to espalier gardens, requiring pruning early winter to form the shape of the plant. Pruning a black mulberry during the growing period can result in bleeding from the cut. Prune in the middle of every winter removing any undesired growth and any that criss-cross the lateral branches of the espalier. When being grown as a tree, very little pruning is required.

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