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Cascade Palm
Cascade Palm

Cascade Palm

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Pot sizes:
200mm :  $15.00
35 lt :  $110.00
Botanical name: Chamaedorea Cataractarum
Drought tolerance: 2 out of 5 (depending on lighting conditions)
Growing height: 1 - 2 metre
Origin: South-eastern Mexico
Position/Light: Part shade or indoors
Soil conditions: Free draining, high in organic matter
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Price: POA

A small, attractive, trunkless, clumping palm, growing to about 1.5m with glossy, dark green leaves, and long thin leaflets. It will eventually form quite a large dense, clump given time when grown out doors. When grown in pots they are usually 1-1.5 meters tall only.

While in Melbourne they are better suited as house plants, they can also be grown as under story plants in many areas of Melbourne providing there is enough moisture.

Naturally they are found mainly on river banks and stream beds, so they love a drink when they are outside, not so much when used as a house plant. However, they do not like to be dried right out, and do not like too sandy a potting mix. Under these conditions the foliage will brown off. When used as a house plant select locations away from air conditioner vents or drafts because cooler air can damage the palm.

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