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Black Anther Flax Lily

Black Anther Flax Lily

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150mm :  $7.00
Botanical name: Dianella revoluta
Drought tolerance: 5 out of 5
Growing height: 40cm
Origin: South East Australia
Soil conditions: Tolerates most soil types
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This clump forming, drought hardy, native perennial herb is perfectly suited to borders, edges and strip gardens. Tolerating most soil types and positions (other than full shade) and requiring very little maintenance, it is perfect for the low maintenance drought hardy garden.

One application of slow release native fertilizer OR blood and bone (recommended) in early spring will give you lush green foliage and masses of flowers. Remove any brown leaves at the same time (if desired).

Many birds enjoy the small fruit/berry that grows on these plants, so by leaving the flowers to set fruit you are saving yourself a job and providing a meal.

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