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Outdoor Palms

Chilean Wine Palm

Chilean Wine Palm

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Pot sizes:
35 lt :  $165.00
90 lt :  $135.00
Botanical name: jubaea chilensis
Drought tolerance: 5 out of 5 once established
Growing height: 10+ metres
Origin: Chile, South Western South America
Position/Light: Full sun
Soil conditions: Tolerates most soil types
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Wanna talk tough palms? Talk about this one! Easily one of the hardiest palms is the Chilean Wine Palm, while slow growing, it is highly suited to Melbourne's low humidity and almost Mediterranean climate, while also being highly frost tolerant growing to 1400 meters. Eventually growing to a massive 20 meters, this palm can take up to 10 years to show its trunk for the first time. Typically at this stage it is less than 3 meters tall.

Highly endangered, and very long lived, the Chilean Wine Palm, with its unique greyish foliage will provide a gardening eternity of beautiful trouble free foliage. Growing to an eventual trunk width of up to 5 meters (and we stress the "up to"!) give this one a bit of room, and make it or a few of them the focal point of your garden for years to come.

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