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Weeping Japanese Maple Crimson Queen

Weeping Japanese Maple Crimson Queen

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Pot sizes:
350mm :  $130.00
Botanical name: acer palmatum Crimson Queen dissectum group
Growing height: 3M
Origin: Japan
Position/Light: Full sun, partial shade
Soil conditions: Well drained
Availability:In Stock
Price: POA

Weeping Japanese maple 'crimson queen' and 'ever red' are from the group plants from the Acer palmatum dissectum species. The perennial, moderate growing Weeping Japanese maple is a very small and impressive plant with the plant height being equal to the width and the attractive foliage making it a great feature plant in a garden.

While a very hardy o plant, the Weeping Japanese maple does benefit if protected from strong dry winds.

The crimson queen has attractive red foliage with red flowers that bloom in mid to late spring.

Fertilize in spring with general purpose slow release fertilizer or compost before mulching.

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