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Blood Orange (Dwarf) 7lt
Blood Orange (Dwarf) 7lt

Blood Orange (Dwarf) 7lt

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Pot sizes:
250mm :  $30.00
7 lt :  $45.00
Botanical name: Citrus x ​sinensis 'dwarf'
Drought tolerance: N/A
Growing height: 3+ metres
Origin: China or Italy
Position/Light: Full sun
Soil conditions: Tolerates most soil types
Availability:In Stock
Price: $45.00

Blood Oranges are one of the most versatile Citrus fruits currently available; they can be used as a substitute for most Orange varieties and also works well in combination with all Citrus varieties.

Once reserved for royalty, and originating in China, it was the Sicilians that are credited for developing blood oranges from a humble piece of fruit to a icon of the Mediterranean lifestyle and an essential ingredient in Australian kitchens and lunch boxes.

Blood Oranges contain a rich blend of vitamin C, folic acid, calcium, vitamin A, fibre and are the highest source of antioxidants in the citrus world.

To grow blood oranges successfully they need to be grown in a location that will provide almost freezing night temperatures as well as high day temperatures, this makes it a suitable fruit for many parts of Melbourne. They also require loose well drained soil that is high in organic matter, and like all citrus, you will need to feed appropriately to keep it healthy and productive.

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