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Grass Trees

Grass Tree
Grass Tree Grass Tree Grass Tree

Grass Tree

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per cm :  $6.60
Botanical name: xanthorrhoea glauca
Drought tolerance: 5
Growing height: 1-5m
Origin: Australia
Position/Light: Part shade to full sun
Soil conditions: Well drained, light to heavy soil
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Price: $6.60

Slow growing at around 1-2cm per year, this iconic Australian native Grass Tree thrives in well-drained aerated soil with low nutrient content. It is an easy plant to grow, albeit slowly! During spring and summer it can bear a white spear-like spiked flower. Xanthorrhoea can be grown in pots or containers though better suited to planting in the garden. These highly drought hardy plants can be easily over-watered so care must be taken especially in heavy soils. Grass trees prefer a full sun position, though they can be in a slightly shady spot. It should be noted that any leaf litter from nearby plants should be cleared away promptly, especially after the removal of dead flowers. Fertilise in spring with a light application of well-rotted chicken manure or slow-release native plant food.

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