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Bat Plant (Black)
Bat Plant (Black)

Bat Plant (Black)

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Pot sizes:
200mm :  $25.00
Botanical name: Tacca chantrieri
Drought tolerance: 2 out of 5
Growing height: 60 - 90 cm
Origin: Africa, Australia and south-eastern Asia
Position/Light: Bright indoors, shade outdoors
Soil conditions: Free draining, high in organic matter
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One of the eeriest and most spectacular plants available, the Black Bat Plant has black flowers standing on a 40cm stem that have long 'whiskers' that are 30+cm across, and ‘wings’ that are 25cm wide.

A tropical perennial that in Melbourne, though cold hardy to -3deg, is best suited to a bathroom or other warm humid indoor environments. Place the plant in a warm bright location, but not in direct sunlight other than in mid winter. If it is too shady or dark the plant will not flower. Over watering during winter can lead to root rot, so it is important to keep the plant and foliage drier during the cooler months.

If in a dark room, move the Bat Plant outside in spring/early summer to a warm, frost free, bright moist spot in the garden to encourage new growth and flowers. A small application of compost and blood and bone at this time will help.

A not widely known fact is one of the more appealing features of this plant is its ability to save the rest of your garden! It gives a very clear indication that it is thirsty, often reminding you to water the rest of your plants!

This plant is also highly suited to oriental gardens and any garden that offers appropriate cover from deciduous trees. In low planter boxes or pots, it is a striking addition as in fill to any covered al-fresco style area.

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