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Cast Iron Plant

Cast Iron Plant

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Pot sizes:
150mm :  $12.00
200mm :  $20.00
Botanical name: Aspidistra Elata
Drought tolerance: 5 out of 5 indoors
Growing height: 60 cm
Origin: Eastern Himalayas, Taiwan, China and Japan
Position/Light: Indoors, out of direct light
Soil conditions: Free draining
Availability:In Stock
Price: POA

We don’t call it the Cast Iron Plant for nothing! This is one of the toughest kids in the sand box when it comes to house plants. The Cast Iron Plant's large green leaves can often have a creamy white variegation which goes away as light levels increase.

Tolerating extreme temperatures as well as low light and infrequent watering, the Cast Iron Plant is well suited to those with little time to maintain indoor plant, but who still want some green in the house. Perfect for darkened theatre rooms and bathrooms alike, this versatile plant requires watering as infrequently as monthly, and only needs pruning when growth becomes untidy. It is best to avoid direct sun though, especially through the middle of the day.

Perfect for designer pots inside on the balcony/alfresco area they prefer to be watered thoroughly and then left to dry right out. Fertilize with slow release fertilizer in spring to encourage new growth. Being as versatile as they are, the Cast Iron Plant is well suited as a low level filler plant in ferneries or in well shaded palm gardens.

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